August 2017
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Too hot to knit? Well, it's not too hot to SHOP
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→ TUESDAY, August 1 - THURSDAY, August 31

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Indulgence, Naturespun Fingering

Save 50% on all clearance SEWING NOTIONS, FABRIC and COTTON FLOSS

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Lazy, lazy summer days. Do you have some knitting to keep you company
while you are outside enjoying the weather? (Or inside enjoying the air conditioning?)
30 minutes of knitting a day keeps your hands and fingers limber and your mind settled.
It's like money in the bank! This is a GREAT time to start that pair of socks you have been meaning to.
Just grab some sock yarn and cast on. If you need a class, consider our up-and-coming
Sunday Sock class on August 13.

This November 17, 18 & 19 join us for our annual Fall RIP VAN WINKLE KNITTING RETREAT
at the Winter Clove Inn, nestled against the Eastern face of the Catskill Mountains.
We will spend Friday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday morning together playing with knitting techniques
from ELIZABETH ZIMMERMANN'S 3rd book KNITTING AROUND: Knitting Without A License.
Details and registration information is here.

 NEW AND ON-GOING CLASSES * new and on-going classes

Have you always wanted to knit beautifully colored Fair Isle patterns, but didn't know how to handle
two yarns at the same time? Do we have a class for YOU! Learn to knit with both colors in one hand,
 or in 2 hands, with nary a twist/tangle/confusion of yarn. 
Have you always wanted to make socks, but were afraid of the heel? The toe?
We will be tackling socks this summer in a l-e-i-s-u-r-e-l-y manner
with a class once a month, so you can take your time.
Want to do both at the same time?
Materials needed for this class:
  • 1 skein each..Durasport and Mini Mochi
  • One set (of 4) each of #2 and #4          (or #1 and #3 if you knit loosely like me)     double pointed needles
  • 2 clipping stitch markers

Call and leave your name and email
to register:

All about
color &
stranded knitting

AUGUST 13     12 noon - 2
(LAST summer sock class)

Learn to work with 2 colors in the stranded, Fair Isle tradition using just 2 yarns, one of which is hand painted in long color repeats. If you are new to making socks, this class is PERFECT for you. Socks are a great summer project!

Free Countrywool original sock pattern for those who attend this FREE CLASS.

free patterns * FREE PATTERNS * free patterns

If you love free patterns and quick knit ideas,

you will find Countrywool's daily post on Facebook very useful. 
"LIKE" the page and under that LIKE button, click on
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to get the patterns in your daily news

We are deeply entrenched with the NEIGHBORHOOD KNITTERS, gathering with local crafters who meet at the Claverack Free Library to knit and crochet on the front lawn of the library every Wednesday evening at 6:30. This weekly event provides ideas, free patterns, free yarn, technique explanations and demonstrations. One of the charity projects we are tackling, to be donated to the homeless/needy folks who visit the soup kitchen at The Salvation Army of Hudson, NY, is the TESSELLATED FISH AFGHAN.
Come learn to knit a fish on August 2!
We need CROCHETERS to help us assemble the fish as well.…/…/tessellated-fish-blanket.html

Happy summer! Enjoy yourself :)

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