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Countrywool presents its first book...
The Knitter's Book of Stretches

Written by a lifelong knitter, teacher and yoga student,
the 7 exercises in this booklet will soothe, relax and realign tired muscles after a knitting session.
Please be sure to show this booklet to your health practitioner before attempting any exercise.

Testimony from one satisfied knitter
....for at least the past 6-9 months I was experiencing quite a lot of pain in my arm and shoulder, especially when knitting.  I was taking Tylenol twice a day..... and I am not one to take anything. Since beginning the stretches at the retreat I have had no pain whatsoever, and have not taken one Tylenol!!  I was sure I needed to see a doctor and was headed for PT if not surgery.....but you cured me!!!!!!!
...MA Maloney, Cape Ann Knitting Retreat, April 2008

$ 14.95

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This book was written, illustrated, printed and assembled in the USA.