Kits for the Ravelry and Zoom SHAWL Knit-A-Long, July and August 2020

Do you need yarn?
We have kits all ready to go at Countrywool.
We highly recommend a ROW COUNTER and RING MARKERS for the Faroese Shawls,
view them here, and tell us to add them to your kit.
24-40" bamboo circular needles are perfect for the shawls.
We can add one to your kit, just let us know what size you want.
Faroese Shawl uses a US#8-9 needle

The BIG FAROESE SHAWL, which measures over 8 feet when blocked, and has "shoulder pockets" to keep it from slipping off while worn:
All worsted wool: 7-22:     $46
All organic woolen spun wool: 47- 53:    $51
Alpaca and wool for great drape: 1-6:    $75

The smaller FAROESE SHAWLETTE, which is knit with heavier yarn
uses a US#10-11 needle:

Hand dyed 4/8 wool from Mountain Colors: 27, 28, 29, 30:   $56
Gina wool: 24, 25, 26:    $21
Cashmere Queen: wool and cashmere: 31, 32:     $51
Corsica: cotton and cashmere: 33:    $21
Jeanette 100% hand dyed Cashmere from Mountain Colors: 34:     $99

Herbs and Spices:

which is knit with sock yarn
uses a US#6 - 7 needle
Drops Delight: wool and nylon: 35-40, 42:     $29
Fabel and Drops Delight: wool and nylon: 41:     $29
Fabel/Drops Delight and Nord: wool, alpaca and nylon: 43-46:     $29

Email me with:
→ your name, (mailing address if you have not ordered before)
→ color combination desired
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I’ll invoice you for the kit. You may send a check or pay with a credit card online.
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