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Safe and Easy
Kool-aid RAINBOW Dyeing

Kool-aid dyes work nicely on any protein fiber. They are relatively safe to use in your kitchen and with kids (though some would dispute how safe Kool-aid REALLY is...)

HAVE READY........

about 4 ounces scoured clean wool fleece, roving or yarn

4 packages of kool-aid
warm water
1 tablespoon vinegar
4 glasses
1 measuring teaspoon
2-4 quart microwavable glass bowl with cover
mixing spoon
plastic bag you can use as a glove

Soak your wool in warm water and vinegar for five minutes.  Squeeze dry.  Mix each package of dye with 1 tsp warm water.  MIX WELL.  Add 1 tsp more water.  Line dyes up.

Spread your wool into a ropy coil.  Place in microwavable bowl.  Carefully pour 1 color of dye over 1/4 of rope.  Repeat with the three other colors.  With your hand in the plastic bag, mush the dye into the wool fully in one section.  Run your plastic covered hand under clear running water to rinse off excess dye, and mush color in another section.  Repeat the process until the dye is well blended into the wool. Cover bowl.

Put bowl in microwave and cook on full power for 5 minutes.   Let bowl rest in microwave for ten minutes, then fill with warm water to rinse excess dye from wool (there shouldn’t be any....if there is more than a trace of color in the rinse water, then next time cook your wool a few minutes longer after it has rested).

Squeeze your wool dry CAREFULLY, spread it out and allow to dry at room temperature.