Supplies List for

Countrywool's SOCK AND STRETCH  Knitting Retreat
Thursday, Friday and Saturday, February 7, 8 & 9, 2019

The BEST things you can bring with you are your finished projects.
We all learn SO MUCH from each other at the retreats, and many times
folks find inspiration for their next knitting project in YOUR knitting bag,
so please bring items you've knit for show and tell on THURSDAY.
There is WiFi at THE WON DHARMA CENTER, so bring your laptops/ipads/mobile-gadgets with you so we can
play a little bit on RAVELRY and FACEBOOK and get to know their knitting communities better.

Please note: you may bring your own yarns and tools to this retreat.
There will be needles, yarns, gadgets, and books there for sale,
but if you are supplied already with what you NEED, then you won't have to buy it.

There will be at least 6 different color DUTCH SOCK kits for sale
which is the suggested first sock project for newer knitters

Payment options: cash, check and credit card.

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Dutch Socks
If you are new to socks and/or knitting, this will be your only project
If you have come to this retreat before, you will skip these
Learn: Knitting with double pointed needles,
(optional: knitting with a LONG circular in the magic loop style),
knitting in the round,
working a dutch heel,
short rows,
gusset decreasing,
shaping a star toe


To fit foot measurement around (lengths are adjustable):
5, 6, 7, (8.5, 9, 9.5), 10, 10.5, 11, (11.5, 12)”


1, 1, 1, (1, 1, 1), 1, 2, 2, (2, 2) - 4 oz skeins Lamb’s Pride Worsted
    (wool/mohair...190 yards/skein)

# 5 ….set of 4 (or 5) double pointed needles, or size needed for gauge
   (if you would like to learn the magic loop knitting style: 32" or longer
   ADDI TURBO or Rocket needle)

2 markers that open like safety pins

Darning Needle

For those wishing to learn more...
  To learn the techniques, you may start the other three socks during the retreat.
The materials you will need will eventually make a pair, although you will be making only the first sock.

Yarns used are: Drops Delight, Drops Merino Extra Fine, Simplicity, Lamb's Pride Worsted and Peace Fleece. You may purchase yarns when you arrive or bring them/something similar from your stash. Needles needed: sizes 2, 4, 5 and 6 (or 1, 3, 4 and 5, or 3,  5, 6 and 7). Your own personal knitting tension will make a difference, so bring all your needles from 0 - 8 to be on the safe side, although please know all needles will be available for purchase.
We will construct socks using double pointed needles (you'll need 5 in the set), one 32" or longer Addi Turbo/Rocket circular (magic loop style), two circulars and/or one 12" circular (in the smallest size....3 or 4).

Here's the breakdown:
We start with Lamb's Pride Worsted DUTCH SOCKS...made in one color. One skein (190 yards). Class sample made in child's size. This sock is well suited to 5 double pointed needles. I highly recommend Crystal Palace 6" bamboo needles, if you are buying new, or Knitter's Pride 6" wood Cubics.  You will need your middle sized needle (I used #5) for a knitting gauge of 5 sts=1".

PEACE FLEECE SOCKS...made in one color. One skein (200 yards) Peace Fleece will make a pair of adult small/large child's size, so 2 skeins for higher/bigger socks. This sock is well adapted to using one LONG or two shorter circular needles. This will need your largest needle (I used #6) for a knitting gauge of 4.5 sts=1". I highly recommend, because of the smooth join,  32-40" Addi Turbos (nickel plated brass) or Rockets (sharper points)  if you are buying new.
If you want to work on TWO CIRCULARS, the same brands are recommended, but the lengths may be anything from 16" up.

PROUD WARRIOR SOCKS...made with 3 colors...3 skeins main color (115 yards/50 grams each), one partial skein each of white and black. This sock is especially well suited to a 12" circular needle (although you may use any needles you like) in the smallest size (I used #4) and knit at 5.5 sts=1". Class sample made in adult size.

ENTRELAC SOCKS...made with variegated dyed one color yarn. Two 50 gram skeins of 190 yards each are needed. This sock starts from the top and may be made on any needles sized 1-2. Knitting gauge is 7sts=1". Entrelac knitting is a textured diamond/basketweave pattern that is worked with short rows.
These socks features a Dutch Heel and a Wedge Toe.

Notions: many stitch markers, both ring type and clip-on type. Extra double pointed needles as backup. Darning needle. A ring binder with all patterns and note-taking paper is included in your class package. Measurement of adult foot to be covered for PROUD WARRIOR SOCKS, if desired.
(Width around widest part just below/at heel AND length measured as one stands will full weight on it, from a wall behind to the longest toe).



countrywool entrelac socks
new for 2019! ENTRELAC SOCKS

Have your heart set on a different style of sock?
We hear you!
Bring your favorite pattern with you and we'll work it out together.