Supplies for the
Faroe Island Designs
Cape Ann Knitting Retreat
sponsored by
April 6 & 7, 2019
Rockport, MA

Please note: you may bring your own yarns and tools to this retreat.
Below are the yarns in stock at Countrywool that will work.
All knitting tools will be available. At least one needle in every size will be brought.
Pre-order any particular needles before March 1 to be sure they will be there for you!

There will be at least 4 carefully selected color kits for each project at the retreat when you get there.
If you have a particular color in mind, send an e-mail and I'll be sure to pack it.

Credit cards, checks and cash are cheerfully accepted as payment!

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Sticks and Slants Mitts

 (Measure around hand in crook of thumb...make size - smaller than measurement)
CHILD Small, Medium, Teen (5, 5 , 6 )
ADULT Small, Medium, Large (7 , 7 , 8 )

Yarns used:
ULTRA ALPACA LIGHT (30 alpaca/50 wool/145 yards/50 grams)
   1 skein each in different 4 colors: 
   A (red in picture above), B (brown), C (green) & D (purple)


Tools Needed:
#1, & 3 double pointed needles (sets of 4)
21.75 stitch holders
2 different clipping ring markers
Darning needle

Gauge: 7 stitches and 8 rounds = 1 in stranded knitting on #3 needles
Work a gauge swatch until you can get it!
Change needle sizes if necessary  

Sticks and Slants Socks

shoe size                   foot measures " around      
child 5-10                      6                       
child 12 - adult 4-7        7                     
adult 8-9                        8.5                   
adult 11                         10                       
adult 12                         11                     
adult 13                         12 

Yarns used:

 DURASPORT: 85 wool/15 nylon   4 oz /430 yards
   1 skein BLACK
BEARFOOT: wool, mohair, nylon  100 gm /430 yards
   1 skein BOULDER
Tools needed:
Double pointed needles: 1 set each
     size US #3 or 4 as for gauge
     Size US #2 for cuff and foot
 Clipping Stitch Markers: 3 different colors
 Darning Needle

6.5 stitches  = 1
With #3 in stranded two color stockinette stitch

Sticks and Slants Mittens
CHILD Preschool, Preteen, Adult small    (5, 6, 7)
ADULT Medium, Large, Xlarge, XXlarge   (8, 9, 10, 11)       

Yarns used:

FAIR ISLE FLEECE            (wool+mohair/110 yards/ 38 grams)
1 skein each of 3 colors:    A (charcoal), B (rose granite), C (natural)

Tools Needed:
double pointed needles (sets of 4): US #2 & 4   
  21.75 stitch holders
 2 different clipping ring markers
 Darning needle

6 stitches and 7 rounds = 1 in stranded knitting on #4

Work a gauge swatch until successful!  Change needle sizes if necessary.

Sticks and Slants Hat
Small 18, (Medium 21, Large 22 )    

Yarns used:

Ultra Alpaca Light 50 gram skeins (144 yards)
FAIR ISLE FLEECE            (wool+mohair/110 yards/ 38 grams) 1 skein each of 3 colors:   
A (charcoal), B (rose granite), C (natural)

Tools Needed:
Needles:     16 circular #3 and #5
                     double pointed set of #5
darning needle

Gauge: in stranded color pattern: 6 sts=1. This will block out larger at 5.5 sts=1.

Pecking Chicken Hat
Small 19, (Medium 20, Large 21)    

Yarns used:

CASCADE 220 wool    (100 grams/220 yards)
1 skein each of edge color (EC) & band color (BC)
                    AND 1 light (or dark) chart color (CC) 

Tools Needed:
Needles:     16 circular #6
                     double pointed set of #6
10 ring markers
darning needle

Gauge: in stranded color pattern: Gauge: 5 sts=1

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